Independent Scientific Audit of Marine Parks

The Minister for Primary Industries Katrina Hodgkinson and Minister for the Environment Robyn Parker announced the release of the Government response to the Audit report on 12 March 2013. This response supports the intent of the Audit recommendations and details a new approach to managing the NSW marine estate - marine waters, estuaries and coasts, including the state's six marine parks. The Government response and other key documents are available to download at  

In 2011 the NSW Government commissioned an Independent Scientific Audit of Marine Parks in NSW, see media release of 7 June 2011 announcing the Audit and the Audit terms of reference.

The Audit report was released on Thursday 16 February 2012, see the Audit Panel's media release and the Audit report.







Note - this website is no longer being updated. For news and updates regarding the NSW Government's new approach to managing the marine estate please visit

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