Workshop summaries and supplementary material


Workshop/interview summaries and supplementary material. Published supplementary material is incorporated under Relevant Documentation.
1a  Fishing management Workshop 1a summary


1b  Institutions Workshop 1b summary

Workshop 1b supplementary material provided:

Hutchings email 2 December 2011

Hutchings email 19 December 2011

1c(i) Emeritus Professor Bob Kearney, University of Canberra Workshop 1c(i) summary

Workshop 1c(i)supplementary material provided:

Kearney letter 20 December 2011

1c(v) Assoc Prof Stephen DA Smith, Southern Cross University Workshop 1c(v) summary


3  Pollution Workshop 3 summary


4  Invasive species/disease Workshop 4 summary

Workshop 4 supplementary material provided:

Glasby document 30 November 2011

5  Climate change Workshop 5 summary  
6a Marine park managers and research scientists Workshop 6a summary  
6b Marine park management and research scientists, OEH management, Catchment Management Authorities Workshop 6b summary

Workshop 6b supplementary material provided:

Cole, The Precautionary Principle

Wikipedia: The Precautionary Principle

Bennett letter 19 December 2011

Green letter 1 December 2011

6c  Management effectiveness Workshop 6c summary


6d  Conservation groups Workshop 6d summary

Workshop 6d supplementary material provided:

Pease document 1  2 December 2011

Pease document 2  2 December 2011

6e  Recreational fishing Workshop 6e summary

Workshop 6e supplementary material provided:

Thurlow document 30 January 2012

Smith document 30 November 2012

Burgess email 28 January 2012

Poole email 26 January 2012

Wilson letter 8 December 2011

Wilson letter 16 December 2011

Wilson document 16 December 2011

Wilson FOI Access Decision and documents

Rock Fishing Safety and National Parks around Australia: Response to Suridge

Investigation into the coronial files of rock fishing fatalities that have occurred in NSW between 1992 and 2000

Wayne letter 9 August 2011

Minister letter 11 November 2011

8  Cost-benefit Workshop 8 summary  
10a Threatened Species, NSW Fisheries Scientific Committee Workshop 10a summary  
10b  Threatened Species, NSW Government Workshop 10b summary  
12  Adequacy Workshop 12 summary  
13  Commercial fishing Workshop 13 summary

Workshop 13 supplementary material provided:

Howard email 2 December 2011

14  NSW Environmental Defender's Office Workshop 14 summary

Workshop 14 supplementary material provided:

Sahukar letter 30 November 2011

15  NSW Coastal Panel Workshop 15 summary

Workshop 15 supplementary material provided:

Rutherford email 1 December 2011

16a(i)  The Marine Parks Authority, Ms Lisa Corbyn Workshop 16a (i) summary  



Head of the National Parks and Wildlife Service, OEH, Ms Sally Barnes Workshop 16a (ii) summary  
16b The Marine Parks Authority, Dr Richard Sheldrake Workshop 16b summary  
16d(i) Mr Michael Wright, formerly with National Parks and Wildlife Service, DECCW Workshop 16d (i) summary  
16d (ii) Department of Premier and Cabinet, Mr Ian Hunter Workshop 16d (ii) summary  
17  Indigenous interests Workshop 17 summary

Workshop 17 supplementary material provided:

Egan document 5 December 2011

Schnierer document 2 December 2011

Supplementary material from Schnierer on the CBD


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