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The Minister for Primary Industries Katrina Hodgkinson and Minister for the Environment Robyn Parker announced the release of the Government response to the Audit Report on 12 March 2013, media release is available here. This response supports the intent of the Audit recommendations and details a new approach to managing the NSW marine estate - marine waters, estuaries and coasts, including the state's six marine parks. The Government response and other key documents are available to download at  

A cross agency steering committee chaired by the Department of Premier and Cabinet, and including senior executives from the Department of Primary Industries, NSW Trade and Investment and Office of Environment and Heritage developed the Government response to the Audit report.

Public submissions on the Audit report recommendations closed on 30 June 2012. Those submissions that met the guidelines are available here...

The information below was available on this website for those making submissions regarding the Audit report.



On 16 February 2012 the Minister for Primary Industries, the Hon Katrina Hodgkinson MP and Minister for the Environment, the Hon Robyn Parker MP, released the Report of the Independent Scientific Audit of Marine Parks in New South Wales (the Audit report). The Audit report is available here...  and all material associated with the Audit remains available on this website.

The Ministers invite and encourage interested parties to provide feedback on the Audit report and recommendations by 30 June 2012 via this form. All feedback received will be carefully considered during the development of the NSW Government’s response to the Audit report.

A cross agency steering committee chaired by the Department of Premier and Cabinet, and including senior executives from the Department of Primary Industries, NSW Trade and Investment and Office of Environment and Heritage will assess and consider any feedback received.

The NSW Government will carefully consider and publicly respond to the Audit report in due course. In the meantime the Government stands by the existing moratorium on creation of new marine parks, alteration or creation of sanctuary zones, and zoning plan reviews.

This form is made up of three parts:

  1. Principal Recommendations
  2. Themes and Individual Recommendations.
  3. Questions (including provision for general comments).

You can choose to provide comments against some or all of these parts. Simply click on the blue text below beginning with 'view...' to access the drop down fields where you can provide your comments and ratings. Please ensure you have enough time to complete all the sections you wish to make comment against in one sitting, once you commence you cannot save and return later. If you wish to make general comments head straight to the questions section.

The themes have been used to help you understand the recommendations and will assist us in analysing your response. Given their nature some recommendations can be found against more than one theme. A full text list of the recommendations is available on this website here... or a Word document that lists all the Audit report recommendations is available here for printing...

Throughout the Audit report and recommendations the term NSW Marine Estate is used. The Audit Panel defines this as the sea enclosed within the three-nautical-mile limit including all marine related bays, rivers under a detectable tidal influence, mangrove systems, islands, wetlands and lakes that are intermittently connected to the sea. It also includes coastal systems such as dune systems and headlands that are stongly influenced by oceanic processes even though they are not episodically inundated.

Thank you for your comments.


Submission guidelines

In writing your submission please note:

  1. Submissions can be made via this submission form or emailed directly to .
  2. Ms Petrina Alcock, Principal Policy Officer is available on 02 8289 3923 or to discuss alternative ways to submit your comments.
  3. Submissions close on 30 June 2012.
  4. Submissions must not contain vulgar language or defamatory statements against individuals or organisations.
  5. Campaign submissions repeating standard text will be treated as a single submission.
  6. Submitters must not make frivolous requests for part or all of a submission to remain confidential.
  7. Submissions will be made public by being published on the Marine Parks Audit website. Your name and organisation (if relevant) will be included and any offensive or potentially defamatory statements will be omitted. All answers and information provided by you are bound by the Privacy and Personal Information Protection Act 1998 (NSW). In making a submission you indicate your acceptance of these terms.
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