Submissions on the Audit report closed on 30 June 2012 and are available for viewing on the Government Response area of this website.


Submissions to the Audit closed on 30 September 2011. Submissions that met the guidelines are available here... 

The information below was available on this website for those making submissions to the Audit.

The Audit Panel will consider all submissions, however cannot guarantee that all submissions will be acknowledged or responded to. Guidelines for submissions are as follows:

  1. Each submission should address at least one term of reference.
  2. Each submission should be fully referenced.
  3. Where references include personal communications (pers. comm.), details including date of the communication and contact details must be listed.
  4. Submissions must not make frivolous claims for part or all of the contents to remain confidential.
  5. Submissions must not contain vulgar or slanderous language.

Please note that all submissions may be made public and published on this website. Offensive statements will be omitted. Submissions rebutting other submissions will be forwarded to those in question, who will be given the right of reply. Campaign submissions repeating standard text will be treated as a single submission.  All answers and information provided by you are bound by the NSW Privacy and Personal Information Protection Act 1998. By submitting this form, you indicate your acceptance of the terms of this Privacy Statement.  Your name and organisation (if relevant) will be published online together with your submission.

Privacy statement

Thank you for providing this submission. Your feedback is important. The information you provide here will be used by the Audit Panel to assist it in addressing the terms of reference of the Audit.  The material you provide will, subject to the provision set out above, be made available to the general public here on the Audit website.







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